It’s More Than Willpower

What are the barriers to feeling good in your body?

How often do we tell ourselves we don’t have enough willpower to meet our goals?  Success is NOT simply about how much willpower we can muster to eat healthily, or move our bodies more. It IS about breaking free from a repetitive cycle of dealing with negative emotions by sabotaging ourselves through overeating, or avoiding healthy behaviors.

How can Emotional Wellness Consulting help me?

  • Learn to identify the distressing thoughts and feelings associated with barriers to success, and develop healthy coping skills to deal with the emotional response.

  • Understand what our obstacles are to feeling better and how to overcome them, how others might impede our progress, and how we get in our own way.


Meet our Therapist


Cynthia Lucas, MA, LPC, NCC, CPT

Personal Trainer, Mental Health Counselor

Tolerating unpleasant feelings may feel impossible at times. When we understand the connections between how we think, feel, and act, we have the opportunity to make better choices for long-term success in feeling good in our bodies, instead of feeling trapped in them.

I view Emotional Wellness Consulting as a courageous step toward life enhancement. Whether you struggle with chronic pain, obesity, anxiety or depression, you are not alone and do not have to hide your sadness and struggle. To schedule, call Cynthia today at 704.582.3381.



  • 30 Min, $45 (Package of Three, $120)​

  • 60 Min, $85 (Package of Three, $225)


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