Client/Provider Agreement and Assumption of Risk




Client desires to engage Provider to work with client in order to improve Client’s physical health through the implementation of a fitness regimen and, as appropriate, life style changes.

Provider agrees to the engagement in reliance upon the following:

1. Health History Form. Client has or will complete a health history form provided to client by Provider.

2. Payment Terms. After the initial session, Client will pay for each session prior to its start unless other arrangements have been made. Sessions purchased by Client will expire sixty (60) days after payment for same unless Provider extends the 60 day period due to the physical impairment of Client.

3. Cancellation. Client will give Provider at least twenty-four (24) hours prior notice of any cancellation by Client. If such prior notice is not given, payment for the session will be expected. If Provider cancels a session without at least twenty-four (24) hours prior notice, Provider will make up the cancelled session free of charge.

4. Assumption of Risk. Client has obtained a release for exercise from Client’s Physician if deemed necessary by Provider. Client understands that there are risks involved in any exercise program. Client releases and holds harmless Provider, its employees and agents, from any loss or injury experienced by Client in connection with Client’s training except where the same is caused by the gross negligence of the Provider.

5. Diet Recommendations. Client understands that Provider is not a licensed or registered dietitian and the recommendations made by Provider to Client are based upon generally recognized dietary principles. If Client elects to use a dietitian associated with Provider, Client will release and hold harmless Provider and the dietitian from Client’s loss or injury growing out of dietitian’s advice except where the same is caused by the gross negligence of dietitian. 

6. Undertakings of Client. Client takes full responsibility for Client’s health and well being. Client is encouraged to ask questions or request modifications to client’s exercise program, if necessary or desirable, at any time. Client agrees to stop any exercise that feels excessively uncomfortable or painful and to explain the circumstances to Provider promptly. 

7. Client’s Commitment. Client understands that the program and advice received from Provider are not guaranteed to have the results desired by Client as such success rests greatly upon each individual and upon how faithful each individual adheres to the suggested program and recommendations. Client commits to pursue a positive and healthy lifestyle and to follow faithfully the program suggested in order to improve Client’s health and life.

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