The Restore Massage Therapy studio is located at the YWCA.

How can massage therapy help me?

  • Relieve muscle aches/pain

  • Relieve joint pain

  • Eliminate stress and pain patterns in the body 

  • Increase range of motion & flexibility

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Help you prepare for and recover from sports endeavors

  • Increase circulation & reduce swelling

  • Faster recovery from injury or surgery

  • Reduce anxiety & depression

Types of massage offered:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Medical Massage

  • Sports massage

  • Structural Integration techniques

  • PNF stretching

  • Cupping therapy

  • Pre-natal/post-natal

  • Lomi Lomi

  • Thai Massage

Your experience will begin with a brief questionnaire and follow-up discussion to determine which modality will best meet your needs. As your needs change, you and your therapist can make adjustments to the applied therapies.

Meet our Therapist

Melissa Cooper, BS, LMBT

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, LMBT#11647

Melissa graduated from Everest University of Tampa, Florida in 2008 and has been a Licensed Bodywork Therapist for over 12 years.  Melissa’s massage technique is influenced by her philosophical passion to blend evidence based practices with a holistic individualized approach for every client (using the biopsychosocial model). She recognizes that “touch” is a sacred intimate avenue in building connection between two people and within oneself and she honors the strength and vulnerability that a client must have to navigate receiving touch. 

Melissa has actively practiced various modalities such as Swedish, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Prenatal, and most commonly Fusion Massage where she blends modalities to customize the technique by fusing relaxation with detailed therapeutic work. More recently, Melissa has started practicing basic sports cupping as a warm up technique for the soft tissue. In May of 2019, she attended the Tracey Walton & Associates continuing education program in Durham, NC and completed 32 hours of Intensive Oncology Massage training and plans to continue her Oncology training. Furthermore, she plans to include more comprehensive modalities by taking continuing education in touch for trauma, grief massage, PTSD training and holistic pain science & management. 


  • 30 Min, $50 (Package of Three, $135)​

  • 60 Min, $90 (Package of Ten, $800)​

  • 90 Min, $120

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