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Because the human body is 90% water, its density is very similar to the density of water. That’s why you feel weightless when in the water. And why aquatic training is a great form of low-impact exercise, making it extremely popular with people who are elderly, pregnant, recovering from an injury, disabled or overweight. Aquatics Personal Training is also a great cardiovascular workout that elevates the heart and respiratory rates, improving overall health.

Aquatics Personal Training is a great way for athletes to quickly bounce back after injuries. After suffering an injury to her Achilles tendon, professional runner Mary Slaney, trained only in the water for 3 weeks. A week later she set a world record in the 1000 meters.

Aqua fitness and Aquaerobics
Aqua fitness and aquaerobics are both excellent aerobic workouts without high impact. Incorporating many movements seen in dry-land aerobics with specialized equipment for deep-water workouts, many people, including expectant mothers and the elderly, use aqua fitness to stay healthy and improve or maintain their cardiovascular fitness.

Mix it Up
Aquatics Personal Training is undoubtedly good exercise, but it doesn’t use the leg muscles as much as exercising on land. Because it is low-impact, Aquatics Personal Training is not as good for maintaining bone density or preventing osteoporosis.  A lot of our clients combine their water work with an additional session “on land” for more weight bearing exercises.

How can aquatic training help me?

  • improve balance & agility

  • achieve maximum mobility

  • build muscle & gain strength

  • increase flexibility

  • relieve chronic pain

  • learn a new way to exercise!

Types of aquatic training offered:

  • Bad Ragaz

  • Burdenko

  • Feldenkrais

  • Yoga

  • Balance

  • Plyometrics

  • Step Exercises

Meet our Trainer

Leslie Misenheimer, BSN, NASM-CPT

Yoga Alliance 200 RYT

AEA certified Aquatic Instructor  


Leslie has been our aquatics personal trainer for more than five years.  She has over twenty five years of experience in nursing, personal training and teaching aquatics classes.  Her passion for helping people to improve their health and the relationship that they have with their own bodies is palpable.  Her certification with The Aquatics Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute has helped Leslie to become one of the top in her field.



Member Rates


  • $45, 30 Min Individual

  • $400, Pkg. of Ten

  • $35, 30 Min Partner/Group

  • $300, Pkg. of Ten

Non-Member Rates

  • $50, 30 Min Individual

  • $450, Pkg. of Ten

  • $40, 30 Min Partner/Group

  • $350, Pkg. of Ten

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